Sales Automation

How Can I Automate My Sales Process

Why Should You Automate Your Sales Process?
Automating your sales process is probably the most effective tactic you can use for your growing sales team. By using's sales automation tool, you can save up to 20% of your sale team's time spent on repetitive tasks like initial demos for yet-to-be qualified leads.
How Can I Automate My Sales Process with allows you to create interactive demos which you can compose quickly and intuitively via our drag and drop builder. Instead of spending so much time repeating the same sales script over and over again to potential clients, compose all of your sales demos into bite-sized demonstrations. Then, build your interactive demo by piecing together relevant videos for your target audiences.
The Best Sales Automation Software At Your Fingertips
Upload Resources
Upload all of the resources that you would include in a regular sales presentation including videos, images, surveys, and more.
Build Your Demo
Use's simple and intuitive demo builder to drag and drop different resources to create your perfect sales pitch.
Share or Embed
Now that you have your sales demo, easily embed it into your website with just a few lines of javascript code or use our publicly hosted URL.