Buyer Enablement

How Can I Empower My Customers To Make A Purchase Decision?

What is Buyer Enablement
According to Gartner Ressearch (, Buyer enablement is "the provisioning of information that supports the completion of critical activities necessary to make a purchase". In simpler words, buyer enablement means empowering your customers to make decisions and find information about your product more effectively and efficiently. We've all been there before - you're trying your best to sell to a potential customer but everything gets bogged down in the large corporate decision making process. Your customers are overloaded with choice and information and don't know how to navigate the myriad of choices to a successful decision. Your internal champion is also struggling to convince his or her team why your product is so great, because at the end of the day, every individual has his or her own needs.
How Executes Buyer Enablement allows for a flexible and consistent messaging platform that can be shared internally with your buyer group allowing you to cut through the confusion like a knife through butter. By utilize's powerful demo building solution, you'll be able to create personalized demos that only target the specific features that a particular individual within your buyer group cares about.
Empower Your Customers With These Simple Steps
Organize Your Product Features
Upload bite-sized videos and demonstrations of your product. Build a custom demo and questionnaire to target your audience.
Customer Answers Questionnaire allows your customers to choose the exact features they'd like to see. This ensures that only the information that is relevant to them is delivered.
Customer Gets Customized Demo
After your customer fills out a basic questionnaire, they will be emailed a custom personalized demo specifically targeted to their interests.
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